(Cerberus Group #2)
by Jeremy Robinson & Sean Ellis (2017)


A deadly swarm of earthquakes shakes the planet. In the sky above, the sun appears to stand still. While the world reels from the vast destruction, George Pierce and the Cerberus Group, a team of scientific and historical experts, uncover an imminent threat straight out of history that must be stopped. But not everyone wants them to succeed.

A lesser successful novel, this is more like a history lesson. Just about everyone from the bible is included, with the Knights Templar and a vast history of the Christian Church. Feels like another notorious book that rewrites history.

In fact, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ is mentioned by a character.

There are still great sections of action, but a lot of the book is slowed down by exposition and wandering around churches. The ending feels a bit rushed. More time spend editing would have created a better story.