ST:D 1.12

Star Trek Discovery 1.12 – Vaulting Ambition

Michael and Lorca arrive at the ISS Charon, the imperial flagship, and meet Emperor Georgiou. Lorca is imprisoned in an agony booth to suffer for life for his crimes, while Georgiou has dinner with Michael and confronts her revealing she is aware that the Mirror Michael betrayed her.

Meanwhile, Stamets works together with his Mirror counterpart, who is trapped inside the mycelial network, which is ravaged by a disease. He finds what seems to be a spore remnant of Culber, and after reconciling with losing him, wakes up in his own body.

Saru tries in vain to heal Tyler who is consumed by an internal struggle between his klingon and human personalities, and eventually persuades L’Rell who saves Tyler’s body by erasing Voq’s mind from him.

Major revelation here as Lorca is not what he appears to be. Yet again, Burnham takes an unexpected decision to reveal that she is from an alternative universe. Problem is, the Emperor appears to know that already. Things are taking an interesting turn.

What’s the bet that the Emperor appears to want to rule tow universes.  Michelle Yeoh looks to be enjoying herself as the ruler.