Agatha Raisin

Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death
by M. C. Beaton (1992)

Agatha Raisin, a public relations professional, gives up her life in London in the hope of starting a new life in the seemingly quiet village of Carsley, but soon finds herself a suspect in a murder case when she enters the village’s annual quiche-making competition in an attempt to ingratiate herself with the community. She sets out to clear her name and solve the mystery of the quiche of death.

TV Film (2016)

Adapted into a 2 hour TV movie in 2014, it took until 2017 to get it on NZ screens. It’s very British and in the ‘quirky small village with eccentrics’ style.  While the acting, direction and production is very professional, the story is really  awful. It’s full of holes, not original and I could see who the murderer would be immediately.

Maybe the books are better, but I’m giving the series a miss.