House of Cards 62

House of Cards Season 5

Chapter 61 (Series 5 Episode 10)

As Frank discovers Jackie Sharp will be testifying before the Declaration of War Committee, Claire is informed that the American from the Antarctic expedition froze to death. Claire wants the body to get lost in transit.

With Romero heading the committee, Frank tries to get in his good graces again by offering him the position of party whip. Romero, however, is not looking to negotiate. Jackie pleads the Fifth during her testimony. LeAnn becomes concerned about Aidan, who isn’t willing to reveal what he told the Russians. Jane makes it clear that what is important is learning what Aidan divulged. She also informs the Underwoods that a gas attack is imminent in Homs, Syria, advising that they send in 30,000 troops after the attack and divert the committee’s attention.

When Frank and Claire tell Durant, she begins questioning the operation and later voices her protest to Jane. Doug confronts a frightened Lisa, who then calls Hammerschmidt and tells him about the encounter. LeAnn is confronted in a parking garage by Aidan, who is alive. The two share a close moment before he leaves. Frank is informed that Garrett Walker will be testifying.

For several episodes, little has happened. And things are getting strange and weird. Ant narrative strength the series has is getting weaker. Fortunately only three episodes to go.