Caprica 15

Blowback (2010-11-02)

The STO jump-ship transporting Lacy to Gemenon is hijacked by polytheists who begin executing the young recruits. Lacy and some acolytes finally resist their captivity and violently assault the hijackers, only to learn that it was actually an STO initiation test.

Zoe’s gold infinity-symbol pin, stored in a GDD evidence room, is delivered to Clarice by an STO mole – the pin is actually a digital storage device and contains a backup copy of the avatar program.

Daniel explains the company’s irregularities to Joseph and Sam, detailing how Cylon units are being sold to the STO on Gemenon.

This is one of the best episodes yet. It’s tense and engaging. The hi-jacking made little sense at first. But the twist was rewarding.

And the false mole I could see coming and it just ups the stakes for all involved.