Earth Invaders

Invaders from Earth
by Robert Silverberg (1958)


Kennedy had a job to do. It was as simple as that. He was paid to do a job, and he did it.

His job was to convince the Earth’s population that a hapless race of sapient creatures living peacefully on a distant planet must be destroyed as a menace to the Earth.

An interesting tale from early Silverberg. His protagonist is Ted Kennedy, and it’s not clear if this is a reference to the American Lawyer and Politician.  Kennedy is a PR man and with his company comes up with a way for a mining company to  remove the inhabitants of Ganymede. Initially Kennedy is a cynical, amoral company man, but gets morality half-way through his assignment.

Silverberg takes a few interesting twists and turns to turn him into the ‘hero’ of the story. I would have preferred that Kennedy remain the PR man and carried out his plan as intended. This would have given the story a bit more of a satirical edge, rather than the straight forward Sci-Fi adventure.

But you can’t have everything 🙁