Callsign: Deep Blue

Callsign: Deep Blue (Tom Duncan)
(Chesspocalypse #7)
by Jeremy Robinson & Kane Gilmour (2011)

Tom Duncan—Callsign: Deep Blue, former Army ranger, former president of the United States and handler of the black ops force known as Chess Team, is visiting the team’s new secret headquarters. The underground facility, known as Alpha, once belonged to Manifold Genetics, a corrupt corporation shut down by Chess Team. But despite being abandoned for years, Alpha still hides secrets.

Security doors slam shut and lock, sealing Duncan and his assistants inside. As Matt Carrack, the leader of Duncan’s security team, attempts to gain access, Duncan discovers they are not alone inside the abandoned facility. High tech intruders have infiltrated the base, their goal unknown. But a far greater threat rises from the subterranean depths beneath Alpha—failed regenerative experiments from the days of Manifold, and they’re fast, hostile and hungry.

The last of the jack Sigler novellas, this is hampered at first by too many plot lines and characters. But about halfway through, things simplify to two plot-lines. This is almost continuous action from the first chapter and it never lets up until the end. Robinson could have  done a fine book with just humans involved, but no – he has to throw in giant slugs. It adds to the plot, but in the end is just another monster to dispatch with a maximum gore factor (nice).