Warm Sun

Like Warm Sun on Nekkid Bottoms
by Chuck Austen (2007)
(read in 2011)

A screwball comedy in the P.G. Wodehouse tradition. Without meaning to, Corky Wopplesdown has just gotten sexy lingerie model, Wisper Nuckeby, fired. To make things right he goes on a wild journey with a horny stripper, a repressed minister, a surprise fiancee and a comic collecting pervert to Nikkid Bottoms, a little village where the sun is warm, the people are nice, and the clothing is optional.

This ia a Screwball sex comedy for adults. Very funny, if a bit preaching near the end and wwwaaaayyyy too long. Should have been edited to around 100K words (it’s almost twice that).

What was interesting, and I didn’t know until this post was that Chuck is known for co-creating the animated TV series Tripping the Rift.