Creating a Web Page

Part 1 – What Not to Do – 2016-01-03

The proposal is that I can take Genealogical info from Legacy Family Tree and get it on a web page. I did this many years ago, each page had to be transferred via FTP to the served. With over 2,000 pages this took a longtime. It should be easier in 2015 with the site building software now in use.

I found software that should do this:

It uses WordPress. So off to their site…….
I started with a free site and put some basic pages up. After a few hours I was getting familiar with the software and producing nice pages that worked fine on the PC and phone.

The first problem was that the free site would not allow the customization to add plugins, so I upgraded to their Premium $99 ($150 NZ) option. This should allow the use of the plugin. But it didn’t appear to be an option. Weird.

After more extensive reading I found that there are two different versions of WordPress. The software running on their site is different to that that other hosting sites use. So despite paying for their service, it wouldn’t work. Fortunately I could get a refund, so three hours after starting I was finished with the WordPress site. The site building software I liked, so I needed a web host that used WordPress.

Part 2 – The NZ Experience
Resolved to use a local web hosting service

According to

The Top one is Host Papa (with WordPress) with a $3.95/month ($47.4 pa) special, running out in less than 2 hours.

New web site :

24 Months = $118.80
Domain Privacy = $11.99
Sitelock Website Protection = $24.95
Total = $155.74 NZD

Part 3 – Configuration

After extensive testing,  settled on WordPress theme “Twenty Forteen” as it worked well on the phone. Renamed site to the old ‘TextYouEyes” I had about a decade ago and made a dozen header images.

Part 4 – Problems

Now the problem is that WordPress is in and the sitebuilder interface was in

Time to use the Hostpapa Support:

—– email question ——-

I have installed WordPress in a directory \WordPress.
Now, when I go to
I get the interface created by the Hostpapa Website Builder and at
I get the WordPress interface.
Is there a way of getting WordPress to load at
without uninstalling and re-installing the package ?

—- and the reply ————————–

Hello Nigel,

Thank you for contacting HostPapa!

The reason you can see your wordpress website as is because you have installed wordpress in a sub folder.
In order to see your website as, please move your wordpress files from the sub folder (WordPress) to the main folder (public_html).
This can be done without uninstalling WordPress.

Also you must do this only after deleting the contents of your original website in public_html.

If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

——– after an hour’s work, my response ———-

Part 1 – Follow Instructions
I took everything that wasn’t in the \wordpress directory and put it in
Then deleted it all. I moved all the files and directories in ‘wordpress up to \public_html.

But at all I get is a plain text page of WordPress
All the links are absolute to the original url’s.

I managed to restore the site by moving the files back into /wordpress
and extracting the .zip.

Part 2 – Ignore Instructions
Figuring I had missed something, and using Google I found
which explained that you had to change the WordPress url setting BEFORE
moving the files.

Part 3 – Repeat Part 1

Part 4 – More Updating

link to
and check the links.

Part 5 – Complain….. please read parts 1 to 4