Southland Terror

The Terror of the Southlands
The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates #2
by Caroline Carlson (2014) with Dave Phillips (Illustrations)

Hilary Westfield is a pirate. In fact, she’s the Terror of the Southlands! She’s daring, brave, fearless, and in a rut. Maybe she hasn’t found any treasure lately. And maybe she isn’t fighting off as many scallywags as she’d like. But does that mean she and her loyal crew (including a magical gargoyle) deserve to be kicked out of the ranks of the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates?

There is only one thing to do—find a daring mission worthy of her fearless reputation. With the help of first mate Charlie, finishing-school friend Claire, and the self-proclaimed intrepid gargoyle, Hilary sets sail on a swashbuckling expedition that may or may not involve a kidnapped Enchantress, bumbling inspectors, a mysterious group called the Mutineers, and—the most terrifying thing of all—a High Society ball.

Now that she is a pirate, Hilary has to prove herself. It’s still the same whimsical style and more adventuring that swashbuckling. But the book almost manages to be as good as the first. And by the end her reputation as Terror of the Southlands is still intact.