Star Wars Rebels S04E09-End

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 (to the end)

Now we move into 0 BBY and the events of ‘A New Hope’. The characters are well formed and work together. There is still the question of how Admiral Thrawn will influence the story and what will become of everyong.

Thankfully, despite everyone ‘missing’ all those laser bolts and surviving, they do kill off a major character.

Near the end things get more mystical and overtly science fiction, with doors through time and space. But there is a lot more mysticism, mainly due to the inclusion of large (>3m) dogs that can travel large distances with ease.

Then at the end the story focuses on the rebels attempt to re-take Lothal. Admiral Thrawn comes back to cause trouble, but ultimately the rebels succeed (surprised ?).

In an end piece five years later, Zeb takes Kallus to Lira San to show him that he didn’t truly exterminate all of the Lasat species, and that he is welcomed there as one of them. Hera and Rex continued to fight with the Rebel Alliance, and it is revealed Hera gave birth to her and Kanan’s son, Jacen Syndulla.

Sabine teams up with Ahsoka Tano to search for Ezra, leaving behind a mural on Lothal depicting the Ghost crew.