Southpark 23B

Southpark Season 23 (6-10)

23.06 “Season Finale”
Randy is accused of bombing private marijuana fields, and wants President Garrison to help him defend himself; the White family adopts two kids detained by ICE after the death of their son.

23.07 “Board Girls”
Strong Woman deals with a transgender athlete who has her own agenda. When the girls want to join a boys’ gaming club, the boys object but the girls prove to be strong gamers.

23.08 “Turd Burglars”
Kyle begins worrying over the fact that he has millions of microbes living all over him. Cartman, Kenny and Stan steal feces from Sheila in exchange for the new Star Wars game.

23.09 “Basic Cable”
Scott Malkinson’s hopes of romance with new girl Sophie depend on him getting the streaming platform Disney+, but Scott’s dad Clark embarks on a mission to stop streaming shows in South Park.

23.10 “Christmas Snow”
Santa visits South Park and takes all the joy out of Christmas with his warnings about driving under the influence. Randy helps the townspeople get into the festive spirit by selling them cocaine.