Star Wars Rebels S03E05-08

Star Wars Series 3

3.05 “Hera’s Heroes”
The Ghost crew makes a supply run to the Twi’lek resistance on Ryloth, only to find out from Cham that under Thrawn’s leadership, the Imperials have begun to seize the upper hand, and have captured their home and converted it into their headquarters.

More of Thrawn being the smartest dude in the Empire.

3.06 “The Last Battle”
On a salvage mission to an old Clone Wars battlefield led by Captain Rex, the Ghost crew is captured by a unit of old battle droids. Their commander, a Super Tactical Droid named “General Kalani”, managed to avoid the army-wide shutdown command and wants to pit his forces against Rex and the Jedi in order to conclude whether the Separatist or Republic forces are superior once and for all.

Well, at least they had a surprising ending to what could be a series of rather boring battles.

3.77 “Imperial Supercommandos”
Sabine continues to try to convince Fenn Rau to have his Protectors formally join the Rebellion, but Fenn remains staunchly loyal to Mandalore. When contact with the Protectors is lost, Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper are sent with Fenn to investigate. However, when they arrive, they find the Protectors base completely destroyed.

This episode features some great animation of battles involving Mandalorians with their jetpacks.

3.08 “Iron Squadron”
The Ghost crew arrives at a planet to help evacuate anti-Imperial dissidents. They are assisted by another armed freighter that identifies itself as Iron Squadron. Commander Sato explains that Iron Squadron used to be led by his brother, but he was killed in combat, leaving the squadron under the leadership of his headstrong nephew Mart (Zachary Gordon).

Featuring even more annoying teenagers. Of course they have to go back to rescue them, against all odds and come out successfully !