ST:D 3.12

Star Trek Discovery 3.12  “There is a Tide”

There is something very un-canny valley about Osyra. And she is a human playing a humanoid !

Osyra poses as an under-attack Discovery with blocked communications, and Vance decides to let the ship through the Federation’s shields.

Burnham and Book use the perilous transwarp network to reach Federation headquarters in time to crash land on Discovery before the shields close.

When something in space needs to happen in just seconds, it’s maddening. Couldn’t the writers come up with a better way to generate tension ?

At least we get a better script.  Stamets  being  interrogated by scientist Aurellio seems to be a plot filler.

Osyra’s meeting with Vance to propose a peace treaty between the Federation and the Emerald Chain does not appear legitimate.

At least, at the end it looks like the crew are getting their ship back.