ST:D 3.02

Star Trek: Discovery 3.02 “Far From Home”


In the second episode we are back with the crew of the Discovery and their journey through the time-hole. It’s a spectacular beginning with lots of action that ends with a planetary crash.

Then it’s on with the new plot line. It seems that the previous enemy has been removed. Now the problem Saru has is with Phillipa Georgiou, who wants to take over the planet.

Fortunately there is life in the planet, so Saru and Tilly venture out and find a group of aliens who are oppressed by a man named Zareh.

Georgiou, left behind follows them and turns up at the right time to save them.

Meaanwhile, Paul Stamets, who was put in a medically induced coma by Hugh Culber at the end of the last season, awakens and is nursed back to health by Culber. He then goes on to enter a Jeffery’s tube to replace a cable and magic box. This miraculously restores the ship to its former glory, cleans the decks and fixes the crew!.

Finally, all they have to do is escape from the ice. But wait, someone has turned up to save them. Yes, it’s Burnham, who tells them that she has been in the future a year, and finally found them.

Great, thankfully we won’t have half the season to re-uniting the crew. Now we can get on with the plot.