Dutch Diamonds

Chase Baker and the Dutch Diamonds
(Chase Baker #10)
by Vincent Zandri (2017)

Chase Baker runs into fellow author Les Edgerton and get talking about the 1930’s notorious gangster Dutch Schultz and the legend of his hidden treasure which is said to be buried in a little town in Upstate New York.

Feeling fine from a few drinks at the hotel bar, Chase and Les decide to seek out the location of the Dutch Schultz Treasure. Little do they know but another writer, a beautiful and talented author of true crime stories, will tail them all the way upstate.

This story is aided by a partner for Chase, and the two have a rapport and lots of witty conversations that help lighten the tone. Add in another rival and it’s all the ingredients for a good story. Plus there are the cut-out baddies from Russia to add to the danger.