ST:D 3.01

Star Trek Discovery – Series 3 Episode 1
“That Hope Is You, Part 1”
(or Lost in Space Part 1)


Burnham comes through a time portal and arrives hundreds of years in the future. The federation has gone, there has been a war, or possibly some form of breakdown. And most of the dilithium has gone. At first it’s just her. Then it’s some guy that is a Han Solo style smuggler. Obviously they are going to get on (he is good looking, what were you expecting ?)

They journey together for days through a desolate landscape. Then over the hill is a vast city of skyscrapers and floating structures. Now, here’s the problem: where are all the agricultural lands that would be needed to support a city this size (it must be millions). Where is the transportation network. Why didn’t they see and aircraft on their journey ?

Fortunately Michael has something of value to trade. But, as these plots dictate things go wrong and we are treated to a series of battles with fancy energy weapons that can disintegrate a person. Thankfully the baddies have theirs set to ‘Stormtrooper’ mode so our heroes can survive.

Eventually the story ends with some strange CGI creature returned home. And we can all breathe easy and raise the Federation flag and wonder where all this is going.

It looks promising as the jump forward has cleared the decks of previous canon.