Blue Descent

Blue Descent
(Dane Maddock #0)
by David Wood (2019)

Dane Maddock and his crew travel to the Bahamas in search of the wreckage of Maelstrom, the flagship of notorious pirate Riddick Blackwood.

But has their discovery unleashed something terrible upon the world?

This recent book is actually a prequel to the series. As the author explains…

The problem with having a series that’s been around for a very long time is that new readers usually want to start with book one. While I think Dourado is a fine book, and readers seem to enjoy it, in no way does it reflect the writer I am today.

And so, I present to you Blue Descent, book “zero” of the Dane Maddock Adventures. This book takes place shortly before the events of Dourado, and serves as an introduction to the main characters and the universe. As always, I’ve made a few changes to actual locations, and played with the timeline of a few locations in order to make this the most fun and entertaining read possible.

The trouble is that this is not the best book he has written. For most of the first half it’s very slowly paced. The antagonist seems to be just one man.

And there are a lot of times that Bones and Maddoch are separated. It’s usually works better when they are together and not getting along. So just an average read for this author.