Tangled 2.19-22

Tangled Episodes 2.19 to 2.22

2.19 “Mirror, Mirror”
When their caravan is waylaid by a fallen tree in the middle of a storm, the group stop by a seashell house owned by a Frenchman named Matthews. A mirror that houses evil doppelgangers replaces everyone except Rapunzel and Pascal.

2.20 “You’re Kidding Me!”
The front door of the mysterious seashell estate vanishes, trapping the group. They try to find another way out but find a spinning top whose magic regresses Cassandra and Lance into toddlers and Shorty into a baby.

2.21 “Rapunzeltopia”
Matthews reveals himself as another dark spirit. He traps Eugene, Lance and the others in unbreakable vines similar to the Great Tree’s evil magic. Rapunzel gets to live the perfect life while he prepares to hand over the mystical powers of the Sundrop to his master.

2.22 “Lost and Found”
Rapunzel and Eugene go on a journey to retrieve the fourth and final piece of the scroll that will lead them to the Dark Kingdom.