Tangled 2.15-18

Tangled Episodes 2.15 to 2.18

2.15 & 16 “Rapunzel and the Great Tree”
The group makes it to the Great Tree, only to be confronted by a new adversary: Hector, the brother of Adira, the most dangerous member of the Brotherhood.

This two part story gets very dark. Rapunzel takes on forces from the tree and changes. There is a great fun song between Eugene and Lance. For the first time Cassandra has a song about her relationship with Rapunzel.

2.17 “The Brothers Hook”
Rapunzel takes everyone to see Hook Hand in concert. However, this brings back bad memories in Hook Foot, as he was always overshadowed and looked down on by his elder brother.

Even more fun and music in this one.

2.18 “Rapunzel: Day One”
Rapunzel and Cassandra come across an abandoned magic stall and find a wand of forgetting. Cassandra impulsively wishes that Rapunzel would “just forget about everything”.