Tangled 2.11-14

Tangles Episodes 2.11 to 2.14

2.11 “Happiness Is…”
Rapunzel begins to feel homesick for Corona when she finds an old letter written by her father in one of the many lanterns sent from her previous birthdays. Rapunzel comes across a magical idol that brings instant happiness to whomever possesses it.

2.12 “Max and Eugene in Peril on the High Seas”
Rapunzel and the group are finally leaving Tirapai Island, but Eugene and Maximus fall overboard. They manage to save themselves on a prison ship where they meet all their enemies.

2.13 “Curses!”
After “stealing” a telescope, which was a present from her father, Rapunzel is cursed by Vigor the Visionary, as she and her companions traverse a mountain pass.

2.14 “The Eye of Pincosta”
The group arrive in the town of Pincosta, but Eugene is immediately thrown in jail for having stolen the town’s largest diamond. Rapunzel offers to find and retrieve the Eye of Pincosta in exchange for Eugene and the group’s release. She has to work with Stalyan, who steals from them.

So now, without funds, how will the group survive ?