Covid-19 Day 50 (Level 2)

Alice in Wonderland is a 1951 American animated musical fantasy-adventure film produced by Walt Disney, based on the Alice books by Lewis Carroll.

The 13th of Disney’s animated features, the film premiered in London on July 26, 1951, and in New York City on July 28, 1951.

The film features the voices of Kathryn Beaumont as Alice, Sterling Holloway as the Cheshire Cat, Verna Felton as the Queen of Hearts, and Ed Wynn as the Mad Hatter.

The film was originally intended to be a live-action/animated film; however, Disney decided to make it an all-animated feature in 1946. The film was considered a disappointment on its initial release, leading to Walt Disney showing it on television as one of the first episodes of his TV series Disneyland.

All the section I must have seen in other contexts, mainly on TV. So it’s interesting to see them all strung together to make a film.

It does feel like an unrelated sequence of events. And in the end, it was all a dream. A trope to be repeated endlessly.