Archer #10

Sterling Archer, still in a coma dreams that he is the captain of the “M/V Seamus (934TXS)”, a space salvage freighter, co-captaining with his ex-wife Lana, with whom he is co-owner of the ship.

Krieger is the android scientist/doctor onboard. Cyril is the on-board accountant as well as Lana’s lover, and Ray is a gay courtesan.

Pam is a hulking grey alien, while Cheryl/Carole is a bloodthirsty/suicidal spacefighter pilot.

“Mother”, or Ms. Archer, is a glowing ball of light.

A total rip-off of the Alien series. Including almost lifting scenes from the movie and numerous references to other Sci-Fi TV shows and movies.

It is notable that creator Adam Reed has not written every episode for the season.

Not bad, just very derivative. Originally aired May to July 2019.

Expect Season 11 to come soon.