Brooklyn 99 S1

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American police procedural comedy television series created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur.

The series revolves around Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), an immature but talented NYPD detective in Brooklyn’s fictional 99th Precinct, who often comes into conflict with his new commanding officer, the serious and stern Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher).

The rest of the cast features Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz, Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords, Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago, Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle, Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti, Dirk Blocker as Michael Hitchcock, and Joel McKinnon Miller as Norm Scully.

The main reason for watching this was the involvement of Michael Schur, the creative genius behind ‘The Good Place” and ‘Parks and Recreation’.

It also coincides with the ending of ‘The Good Place’ podcast that was hosted by Marc Evan Jackson who played Shawn the devil in the Good Place. He is also in Brooklyn-99 as the husband of Captain Holt. And he hosts a podcast of this show.

The only actor I recognized was  Joel McKinnon Miller, who was in Big Love.

Joal McKinnon Miller as Dom Enbry in ‘Big Love’ (2006-2011)

The series starts well, it’s very standard american comedy. The humor mainly based on Jake Peralta, a smart-ass detective and the differences between the characters.