Movies of 2019

The Movies of 2019

An environmental movie about the future.

6 Underground
Michael Bay goes nuts on Netflix.

Ad Astra
Brad Pitt wanders the Solar System looking for a plot.

James Cameron CGI spectacle.

Angel Has Fallen
Gerald Butler rescues the President.. again.

Captain Marvel
Invincible super-hero’s origin story.

Ford vs Ferrari
Kiwi racing drivers barely get a mention.

Frozen II
More snow and songs, more slush than sparkle.

Gozzilla 2
Dark and dumb – the Humans, not the Monsters.

Hobbs and Shaw
Statham & Johnson fight Idris Alba.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
Now hidden from memory.

Jumanji 2
Funnier than before.

Knives Out
One Mansion Crime who-dun-it.

Explaining financial favors.

Lego 2

Netflix best SciFi so far.

Zachary Levi (Chuck) gets big screen role.

Star Wars IX
The whole thing wrapped up, with thematic repeats.

Terminator Dark Fate
They should have stopped after #2.

The Wandering Earth
Nuts Chinese Big Budget Sci-Si.

Toy Story 4
Nobody ordered this one.