New Years Resolution = STOP Downloading Stuff.

It’s been 10 years since I started reading eBooks (remember the Palm Pilot ?). And in the years eBooks have been accumulating. From free books from Amazon, to the Internet Archive and Gutenberg, they just keep increasing. Now the Calibre library has been down-sized. But even then I can’t chuck stuff out. It just gets stored on an external hard drive.

As for music, with Spotify, Bandcamp and Chromecast everything can be streamed to speakers or just played on the Smartphone. Those albums not available on streaming services are in MP3 format on the phone.

And TV, Movies are almost all streamed. Between TVNZ on Demand, Lightbox, Netflix and Disney+ I don’t need DVDs.

But will keep a few, just to play and keep under the Broadband 120gig cap.