Good Place 45

The Good Place 45 “A Chip Driver Mystery”

Michael visits Bad Janet in Janet’s void at the ends of six months’ captivity and relates recent events.

The experiment shows promise when the humans enjoy a ski trip together, with Brent expressing greater tolerance. However, their relationships are thrown into turmoil after Brent writes an amateurish novel featuring insulting versions of Tahani and Chidi.

Michael counsels Brent that mistakes are opportunities for improvement, but Brent refuses to apologize and he and Chidi come to blows. Meanwhile, John discovers Jason’s identity and struggles to keep the secret.

This episode is unusual in that there is a framing narrative with Michael and bad Janet that seems unnecessary. And for the first time there is violence as Chidi hits Brent.

Brent’s book is suitably thick, however as he explains; his hero Chip Driver is really good as he solves the mystery by page 10. In the book, Tahani is ‘Scarlet Pakistan’.

Another good episode, but it’s only a few episodes to go until the end. What could possibly happen ??