Kaiju Inferno

Kaiju Inferno
(Kaiju Winter #3)
by Jake Bible (2015)

North America has been decimated.
The rest of the world is not far behind as volcano after volcano erupts, spewing not just magma and hot ash, but monsters of impossible size out onto the battered and broken surface. These monsters are hellbent on getting to North America to do battle with the behemoth that has broken free of the Yellowstone supervolcano. A battle that could tear the Earth apart.

Third and final in the series (or so I thought). Turns out it was planned as a four book series and the forth was never done.

Apparently the author’s publisher is not going to put out the last book because of low sales.

Not surprising, things just lose steam. There are too many plot threads and too much sitting around explaining the plot and friction between the human characters. Then, near the end is a big monster battle that sounds more like the commentary of a WWF bout.

Then a final plot twist and it all ends.