Kaiju Winter

Kaiju Winter
(Kaiju Winter #1)
by Jake Bible (2014)

The Yellowstone super volcano has begun to erupt, sending North America into chaos and the rest of the world into panic. People are dangerous and desperate to escape the oncoming mega-eruption, knowing it will plunge the continent, and the world, into a perpetual ashen winter. But no matter how ready humanity is, nothing can prepare them for what comes out of the ash: Kaiju!



Another author in the Jeremy Robinson mode…

A bit of Science fiction mixed horror, adventure and lots of action.

It’s big monsters vs humanity. No single protagonist here, but a mix of scientists and law officers. There are a few nasty people, notably an FBI agent with a control problem who has been tracking down his son. And a criminal who gets out  and teams up with civilians. Plus rednecks and an insane (who could guess) president.

It’s all lots of exciting mayhem and fun.