In 1956 FORTRAN, the first modern computer language, was first shared with the coding community.

The Fortran Automatic Coding System for the IBM 704 (15 October 1956), the first programmer’s reference manual for Fortran

This was the first computer programming language I used (circa 1977). We didn’t have computers at school, programs were written out in longhand and transcribed to punch cards.

These were collected and sent to a mainframe that ran the program and printed out the results in wide,  punched paper.

The IBM 704 mainframe, which used FORTRAN language

Most of our work was returned where a single punching error, had terminated the program. Just to get a list of the first few prime numbers was an achievement.


Good Place 42

Brandon Scott Jones as John and Jameela Jamil as Tahani

Titled “Chillaxing”, which  is a portmanteau of “Chidi” and “relaxing”.

Eleanor and Michael are feeling smug about the state of their new experiment. Chidi is teaching moral philosophy, so three new humans will have enough points to convince the Judge to change the rules for the afterlife.

Instead, they’re startled to discover a laid-back, fun-loving Chidi.

He’s not crippled by indecisiveness, nor does he particularly want to spend an eternity teaching Brent how to be a better person.

Eleanor and Michael realize that they left a key ingredient out of this reboot: Chidi isn’t being tortured, even a little, so he feels no urgency to do anything.

So Jason is sent in to stir things up. He does a great job. Now Chidi is anxious and worried. It seems that the strategy is working and things are back on track.

But wait, who’s that coming down the railway line, dressed in a dark cape ???