Good Housekeeping Tips

Time To Clean House?

I clean my house according to some simple principles
that are easy to remember:

1. If you have just stepped on something and danced around in pain until you slip, it’s probably time to pick up the broom.

2. If you find your scissors by feeling around your dining room table until you feel something hard of the correct shape, it’s time to clear off a few things.

3. If you need a gas mask to open your fridge, you might think about throwing away some of those leftovers.

4. If you drop your comb in the bathroom and you pick it up with more hair than is currently attached to your head, it’s time to sweep.

5. If the neighbors are circulating a petition about the state of your yard, you might consider cutting the grass -but only if you’ve failed to buy them off pie.

6. If your feet stick walking across the kitchen floor, it’s time to mop.

7. If you haven’t seen the floor of your car for a week because of the litter on the floor and ‘wash me’ is written in the dust on the outside of the car, it’s time to take the hint.