Old Car

Not the car – Just an example

In Jan 2004, for approximately two weeks a car was parked at the end of my driveway.

It had a lapsed registration and warrant of fitness.

It is was also unlocked and I found a diary/personal manager in the
back seat giving me a name and address for the owner. I have tried the phone number without success.

Also, two letters with the same name have arrived in my letterbox,
one with red paper marked “Private and Confidential” dated 26 January 2004. And another from the Ministry of Justice and dated 23 January 2004.

I talked to my neighbour, and it turned out he met the owner several
weeks ago. He put him up for the night and was told he was going to the North Island for a few days and would return.

About a week later I visited Police. They advised me to go to the Council parking unit and get it towed. They can’t can’t tow the car as it was on private property.

I eventually found the registered owner, called him and asked for it to be removed.

The next day the Car disappeared sometime in the morning.

Then three policemen arrived at my door asking after original person who’s name I found. They are also looking for my neighbour.

I passed on the information I had they left. Then, about an hour later two plain clothes police arrive (man & woman), same question – where is this guy !

Finally, on Sat 13 March the 7:00AM the National Radio news includes an item about the person I originally discovered saying
“Police are concerned about his safety”

In the 9:00 AM News it was reported that he had contacted contacted the Police.

And that is my true story