Saturn Bro

Drew Miller is Brother Saturn

He is a native of Colorado who started experimenting with guitars and the sounds of pianos making them sound unusual.

As Drew writes:
In 2013, on a warm sunny day I decided to record music , as a soundtrack to my living room, and whatever chores I decided to do that day. I would sit down, and record guitar or piano loops, ( or both even ) , and eventually use those loops to meditate, and to relax. It was refreshing because, living downtown , in a busy city like Denver for 8 years, there is not much reprieve from loud noises.

So I decided to make loud quiet noises, that way i could get around the apartment’s noise ordinance. It worked. and thus Brother Saturn was born.

Since then I’ve done music for short films, student films, and even music for a Solomon Ski Company documentary about climate change, and how it affects skiers worldwide.

Sounds a lot like Brian Eno’s experience when he started his ambient experiments. An it sounds a lot like Eno. Mainly ambient, but with wanderings into the avant-garde and noise genres. But overall relaxing music.

There are a lot of albums on bandcamp and the Internet Archives music section.