Le Père (The Father) is a play by the French playwright Florian Zeller which won in 2014 the Molière Award for Best Play. It premiered in September 2012 in Paris. The Court Theatre production features Mark Hadlow in the title role.

There is a woman in André’s flat claiming to be his daughter. But Anne lives in London now… Doesn’t she? And André lives in Paris… Doesn’t he? And where has Anne’s sister, Elise gone? Don’t tell him she’s dead. She isn’t… Is she?

It’s the story of a man descending into dementia. He forgets things and  who his friends and relatives are.

It’s one of those ‘insightful’ and ‘worthy’ plays. Written for actors, and Mark Hadlow really sells it as a man in decline.

Unfortunately for the audience there isn’t much, a few laughs and insights. But not much else. In the end it’s a rather depressing story.

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