by Lisa A. Nichols (2019)

An astronaut returns to Earth after losing her entire crew to an inexplicable disaster, but is her version of what happened in space the truth? Or is there more to the story….

This is the first book by the author and being read as the Sword and Laser July pick.

First up, it’s easy to read. The prose has been polished to a bright shine that makes everything clear and easy to read.

Second, it’s rather predictable. I picked up about 20% through the story what had happened; it’s in the title. So the remainder was obvious.

Third, it’s not really Science Fiction. It’s mostly it’s about a woman and her relationship with her husband and daughter. While the world building is good, there isn’t much of it. I would have preferred to have more about the planet they visited.

And finally (forthly) a rather weak ending. While it makes some sense the solution was not the best one.

So on the whole, rather average.