Astrid’s Bike

Astrid Maxxim and her Amazing Hoverbike
by Wesley Allison (2011)

From the 180,000 acre campus of Maxxim Industries, fourteen year old girl genius and inventor Astrid Maxxim works alongside her father, Dr. Roger Maxxim, on projects to make the world a better place. Her latest invention is a flying scooter—the hoverbike. Is it the target of an international spy ring, or are they after secret Project RG-7.

After humorous fantasy and the previous Sci-Fi book, this looked to be a bit different. It’s definitely aimed at the teen market. The protagonist is a young girl, she mainly interacts with her friends. Adults are brought in to advance the plot and provide some tension.

At only 37,000 words it’s a short read and while up to Allison’s usual standards, not a series I would continue with.