Orville 2

Orville Series 2

Episode 13 “Ja’loja”
The USS Orville travels to Moclus for Bortus’s Ja’loja, the annual urination ceremony that is attended by Moclan family and close friends. First Officer Kelly Grayson begins dating ship teacher Cassius, straining her relationship with Captain Ed Mercer.

Bit of a slow start to the series.

Episode 14 “Primal Urges”
The Orville spends time observing the planet Nyxia that is being consumed by its expanding red star. Bortus has been leaving work early and avoiding his mate, Klyden, to secretly spend time in pornographic simulator programs. Fed up, Klyden seeks to divorce Bortus via the Moclan custom of killing a spouse.

Episode 15 “Home”
When Isaac breaks Alara’s forearm during an arm wrestling challenge, Alara discovers her body is slowly losing its superhuman strength as it adapts to Earth’s gravity. At Dr. Finn’s recommendation, Alara returns to her home planet, Xelaya, to re-acclimate. While convalescing at her parents’ house, old familial conflicts resurface, prompting the family to visit their island vacation home to get reacquainted. Things go awry when fellow vacationers Cambis Borrin and his wife show up, seeking revenge against Alara’s scientist father.

Episode 16 “Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes”
After making their romance known, Captain Ed Mercer and Lt. Janel Tyler leave for a short vacation together. While en route, the Krill capture their vessel. Janel is tortured, forcing Ed to divulge his (decoy) command codes; he soon learns that she is actually Teleya, the Krill teacher Ed encountered during a previous mission.

Episode 17 “All the World Is Birthday Cake”
The Orville detects a signal from Regor 2, a planet searching for other intelligent life in the universe, and initiates first contact. The Regorians welcome Ed, Kelly, Claire, Bortus, and new Xeleyan security chief, Talla Keyali. However, when it is learned that both Kelly and Bortus have birthdays in a few days, the Regorians denounce them as “Giliacs,” people who are predisposed to violence.

Episode 18 “A Happy Refrain”
Claire develops romantic feelings towards Isaac and wants to pursue a relationship; Isaac considers it an opportunity to study human romantic relations, but lacking emotions, is unable to return Claire’s affections.

Episode 19 “Deflectors”
The Orville travels to Moclas to have new regenerative deflectors installed. Bortus’s former boyfriend, Locar, a brilliant Moclan engineer, oversees the installation. Locar becomes attracted to Keyali but says Moclans preferring females to males is a punishable crime; she agrees to keep their relationship secret.

Episode 20 “Identity”
After Isaac collapses and becomes inert, the Orville travels to his home world, Kaylon 1, hoping he can be revived. Mercer also wants to learn whether the Kaylons have decided to join the Planetary Union.

Episode 21 “Identity Part II”
As the commandeered Orville and the massive Kaylon fleet race toward Earth to exterminate all biological life, the ship’s crew remains imprisoned in the shuttle bay.

Part 2 is a big all out space battle. There is a saying.. “Space is big.. really big”. But here the fighting is almost in two dimensions and really close.

Episode 22 “Blood of Patriots”
The Orville rendezvous with a Krill ship to initiate peace talks. Upon arrival, they find the Krill firing on their own shuttlecraft, which crash lands inside the Orville’s shuttle bay with two occupants aboard. Gordon recognizes one as his old friend and Union officer, Orrin Channing. He and daughter, Leyna, have escaped after 20 years in a Krill prison camp.

Episode 23 “Lasting Impressions”
The crew examines a time capsule from 2015 Saratoga Springs, New York. One recovered item is a cell phone contributed by Laura Huggins, a young 21st century woman who wanted future discoverers to know about her and her life. Impressed with her candor, Gordon uploads the phone’s data to the ship’s computer and requests a simulation of Laura’s environment and life.

Episode 24 “Sanctuary”
After undergoing a weapons upgrade at Moclus, the Orville takes on two Moclan passengers, engineer Toren and his mate Korick. The duo are smuggling their female infant offworld to avoid gender “corrective” surgery or persecution. Bortus uncovers their secret, but, sympathetic, agrees to remain silent.

Episode 25 “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow”
Kelly and Ed reminisce about their first date, seven years earlier. Ed is open to them reconciling but Kelly prefers their relationship as it is now. Meanwhile, Isaac is experimenting with a neurology-based time-travel device. Kelly is near the device as the Orville passes through a gravitational wave, and a Kelly from seven years in the past is transported to the present.

Episode 26 “The Road Not Taken”
Nearly a year after the original timeline was altered, the Kaylon have conquered half the known galaxy. Ed and Gordon now survive by scavenging supplies. After barely escaping the Kaylon, their ship is captured by Kelly, who has reunited the Orville officers, minus Bortus and Isaac, from her original timeline.