Princess of Amathar
by Wesley Allison (2007)

Transported to another world, Alexander Ashton finds that he must fight for the princess of an alien civilization and for the love of a woman he doesn’t know.

This is the first book by Allison. A man is transported to another world and has to copy with the natives, travel, fight and make his way in a new world.

All the aspects that I like about this author are present in his first book, There is a light, but not frivolous tone. Lots of world-building without info-dumps, sometimes humour and always
a sense of adventure.

This feels like the Sword and Planet genre from the golden age of Science Fiction.

I got the sense that the description of the city of Amathar was where the author would like to live.

The goes at a decent pace and features a myriad of creatures and locations.  An enjoyable read.