Dial G

Dial G for Gravity: A Brent Bolster Mystery
(The Brent Bolster Mysteries #1)
by Mikey Campling (2018)

Don’t think of us Gloabons as your overlords, but as kindly relatives who’ve come to stay. Forever.

Yes, there will be a certain amount of ‘sampling’, but as we like to say, abduction makes the heart grow fonder.

The premise here is a comedic science fiction tale involving a detective. Well, the detective reminds me of Barry Hutchison’s Dan Deadman series. At first the writing fells a bit like Robert Kroese, it’s witty and the plot moves along at a good pace. Then the plot threads balloon out, the number of characters (and species) expand and the comedic tone is lost.

What remains is a fairly standard Sci-Fi crime story. There is a bit of return to form at the end, but overall it’s just very average.