(Spaceman Chronicles #2)
by Tom Abrahams (2017)



Clayton Shepard is lost, cold, alone, and determined to find his way home. But he’s landed on a planet he doesn’t recognize. Earth isn’t the same place he left months earlier.

For the second book, all traces of Science Fiction has disappeared. It’s now a dystopian thriller. And while the story is well told, it’s not lining up very well with how humans behave.

In this break-down of society, all that remains (apparently)  are individuals and the military. What happened to local government, state government ? Any social grouping that would have existed before has suddenly disappeared.

And what happened to basic communications like push-bikes ?

There is considerable plot given to people raiding private houses, but what about shops, malls etc. Have they disappeared  ?

There should be a lot more people around that is depicted in the story. Still, the plot has yet to reach it’s conclusion, so on to the finale…