Hermitage Murder

A Murder for Brother Hermitage
(The Chronicles of Brother Hermitage Book 12)
by Howard of Warwick (2018)


At the monastery of his Hermitage’s friend Abbot Abbo, a young, naive and bookish monk is killed in chapter 1.

Surely not?

It can’t be.

This time we are aware (kinda) of who the murderer is. Then it’s s fiendish plot by conspirators to finish off Hermitage and end the series. Unfortunately they employ a less than capable assassin. He screws up not one, but to two assassination attempts.

But not to worry, Hermitage Wat and Cwen are coming along to save the day. That is, it they can agree how to do that.

Still more bungling humour as the trio make their way through another murder. Just how many people will be left in England when this series ends ?