Hermitage 4

Hermitage, Wat and Some Murder or Other
(The Chronicles of Brother Hermitage #4)
by Howard of Warwick (2015)

It’s not clear what Le Pedvin is up to.
It’s not clear that anyone is actually dead.
Not much is clear about Norman villagers at all.
It’s definitely not clear how Hermitage and Wat are going to get out of this alive.
But it will be….

Simpler in story and execution (murders) this story has the hapless duo going off to find who a Duke has murdered. It seems to be around the wrong way, but with the help of Cwen, the apprentice weaver they successfully bungle their way through not just one, but three murder investigations.

Not much in the way of jokes or outright comedy, but the tone of the writing and the entertaining characters kept me reading to the end and wanting more.