(Land of Dis #3)
by Robert Kroese (2015)


Despite the peaceful, civilized veneer of modern-day Dis, Vergil is convinced that a great evil still threatens the land, and he and Handri set about to uncover and vanquish it. But Vergil’s prejudices and chivalric principles prove worse than useless in this strange new world, and he succeeds only in getting himself in deeper and deeper in trouble while stirring up simmering animosities between goblins and humans.

Can Vergil separate illusion from reality and uncover the true threat to Dis before it’s too late?

Not as good as the two previous novels, this swings from adventure fantasy to satire and back again. The relations between Humans and Goblins appears to be a metaphor for modern inter-racial problems. The story points these out, but never really resolves anything.

Still, it’s a fun read and everything accumulates into a suitably engaging ending.