(Land of Dis)
by Robert Kroese (2013)

King Boric the Implacable knows death comes to all great warriors. He just didn’t expect it to be so damn fickle.

Felled by an assassin’s blade, he should be spending eternity carousing in the Hall of Avandoor. Instead, his spirit is bound to his decaying body by the enchanted sword of Brakslaagt. And unless he can hunt down the mysterious Lord Brand, who gave him the weapon so long ago, he is cursed to wander the earth forever as an undead wraith.

This is the first book by Robert Kroese I have read and for some reason have started with the second book in the series
(it doesn’t matter).

Thoroughly enjoyed the book.

It has the type of wit and humour I enjoy. However I find comparisons  to Terry Pratchet strange. This is more like a combination of Paul Dale’s Dark Lord Trilogy and Dan Abnett’s Darkblade series. It certainly has the pacing of a Dan Abnett story and the wry humour of Paul Dale.

Now a Kroese fan…