Queen BioPic

Bohemian Rhapsody is a 2018 biographical film about the British rock band Queen.

It follows singer Freddie Mercury’s life from his joining the band in 1970, to their Live Aid performance at Wembley Stadium in 1985.

Directed by Bryan Singer, it is written by Anthony McCarten, and produced by Graham King and former Queen manager Jim Beach. It stars Rami Malek as Mercury, with Lucy Boynton, Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy, Joe Mazzello, Aidan Gillen, Tom Hollander, and Mike Myers in supporting roles. Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor served as creative and musical consultants on the film.

Seems to be the popular film of the moment, winning Golden Globes and BAFTA awards.

While the depictions of May, Deacon & Taylor were great, I couldn’t get on with Rami Malek’s depiction of Freedy Mercury. It looked like he was always munching on his false teeth with a variable accent.

The story roughly tells the Queen story, with exceptions that have been well documented. It starts and ends with the Live-Aid Concert in 1985. The re-creating of the 20 minute set was great, but it took 2 hours to get to it.

The film is doing well, with a budget of $55, it has currently made almost $800 million.


Brother Druid

Hermitage, Wat and Some Druids
(The Chronicles of Brother Hermitage #5)
by Howard of Warwick (2015)


Brother Hermitage is at it again – this time with druids.

When his nemesis, the Norman conqueror Le Pedvin orders him to Wales, Brother Hermitage knows it is going to go wrong. He’s had a prophecy it’s going to go wrong. And from his first steps on the road it strides firmly in that direction.

Firstly, the title is a bit too derivative of the previous. Maybe is should have been call “Brother Druid” or ‘Wales and Things”. Anyway, Hermitage is off to Wales with an increasingly larger group of migrants. There is a significant part of the plot that takes place in Wales with the Druid they will meet. As usual there is a good portion of the characters doing dumb or stupid things that drives the plot along. As expected, when the two groups finally get together, chaos reigns.

Howard is definitely getting better at these tales, increasing the jokes and comedy scenes. This is one of the best (so far) in the series.

Travelers 2.07-8

2.07  “17 Minutes”
A new variation on groundhog day as the same 17 minutes is retold, with different travelers jumping into the body of a skydiver and having to complete a a mission. One of the more entertaining episodes of the season.


2.08 “Traveler 0027”
Three high-ranking Travelers are sent back by the Director to put Grace on trial for violating protocols, overwriting a person who was not assigned to be her host, and sabotaging the Grand Plan.

A great episode for actor Jennifer Spence who gets to be grumpy and assertive. And a happy 42 as it is her birthday today.


Travelers 2.05-6

2.05 “Jenny”
Philip, while under the influence of drugs, commits to memory an anti-viral formula sent via messenger. The information is passed on to fellow Traveler Derek via Jenny so it can be synthesized and distributed to other Traveler teams as well as people targeted to be saved in order to minimize the spread and mutation of a flu like virus that historically killed 70,000 people.

However, two weeks after dissemination, people around the world start getting sick with a virus even more dangerous than the original one. With no contact from the Director, and the death toll rising, Marcy and the team rush to find a solution before it’s too late.

2.06 “U235

With the Faction’s plan to kill 30% of the global population well underway, and medical nanites proving useless as a cure, Grace realizes the only way to solve the problem is to find a way to fix the Director in the future so it can send help back to the 21st century.

So far, the least liked episodes, mainly due to the amount of medicine and people lying on bed, getting stabbed with needles.


Travelers 2.03-4

2.03 “Jacob”
Three months after the events with the Quantum Frame, Mac and Kat are working through their issues during her first trimester. Marcy has moved out of David’s apartment and has taken a job as an X-ray technician at a local hospital. Philip has traded one addiction for another, but is in denial about it. Trevor is growing concerned with the lack of communication from the Director. The discovery of a murdered Traveler team puts Mac on the trail of Vincent.


2.04 “11:27”
The Director assigns two new missions to the team: Mac, Carly and Marcy must assassinate Congressman Bishop in order to make him a martyr while Trevor and Philip must help a radical environmental activist succeed in her plan to bomb a research facility that is working on a genetically modified seed that has disastrous consequences for the future.


(Jet #10)
by Russell Blake (2015)

Jet’s peaceful existence in Kosovo is shattered when unexpected enemies surface to settle old scores and make her pay in blood. Spanning the globe from Russia to Syria to Romania to Washington, nothing is as it seems, and her adversaries will scour the earth to destroy her and the new life she, Matt, and Hannah have built.

Better than the last, this involves Jet and Matt separating. With Jet in a prison, most of the book it Jet’s story of how she escapes, teams up with fellow inmates and peruses her enemies. However at the end it looks like she has made a new enemy. Another fast and gripping read.


Hermitage 4

Hermitage, Wat and Some Murder or Other
(The Chronicles of Brother Hermitage #4)
by Howard of Warwick (2015)

It’s not clear what Le Pedvin is up to.
It’s not clear that anyone is actually dead.
Not much is clear about Norman villagers at all.
It’s definitely not clear how Hermitage and Wat are going to get out of this alive.
But it will be….

Simpler in story and execution (murders) this story has the hapless duo going off to find who a Duke has murdered. It seems to be around the wrong way, but with the help of Cwen, the apprentice weaver they successfully bundle their way through not just one, but three murder investigations.

Not much in the way of jokes or outright comedy, but the tone of the writing and the entertaining characters kept me reading to the end and wanting more.



(Land of Dis #3)
by Robert Kroese (2015)


Despite the peaceful, civilized veneer of modern-day Dis, Vergil is convinced that a great evil still threatens the land, and he and Handri set about to uncover and vanquish it. But Vergil’s prejudices and chivalric principles prove worse than useless in this strange new world, and he succeeds only in getting himself in deeper and deeper in trouble while stirring up simmering animosities between goblins and humans.

Can Vergil separate illusion from reality and uncover the true threat to Dis before it’s too late?

Not as good as the two previous novels, this swings from adventure fantasy to satire and back again. The relations between Humans and Goblins appears to be a metaphor for modern inter-racial problems. The story points these out, but never really resolves anything.

Still, it’s a fun read and everything accumulates into a suitably engaging ending.

Travelers 2.01-2

2.01 “Ave Machina”

Vincent Ingram (Traveler 001) recounts his arrival in the 21st century to his therapist, Dr. Perrow.

Vincent’s arrival was meant to be the first test of projecting human consciousness through time and he was intended to die in the fall of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Meanwhile, Mac and his team are being interrogated by the FBI about the Quantum Frame and its purpose, while David deals with the aftermath of the assassination attempt on his life.

2.02 “Protocol 4”

Mac investigates a mass arrival of Travelers, while also trying to repair his marriage with Kat. Philip is given assistance with his addiction from fellow Traveler 4514, Jenny.

Carly and Jeff try and clean up their act for Child Protective Services and regain custody of their son.


Good Place 3.11

 “The Book of Dougs”

Nicole Byer as Gwendolyn

In the Good Place “correspondence center,” the group’s arrival alerts postal worker Gwendolyn.

Michael poses as a neutral Accountant. Everyone in the Good Place is pleasant, un-suspicious, and devoted to obeying rules. A committee takes Michael’s concerns seriously, but to his dismay they intend to spend 1,400 years just selecting investigators.

Eleanor tries and fails to breech a door into the Good Place proper, after which Chidi creates a romantic first date for her.

There is a few pokes at the current American political scene, although mostly it’s about ineffective bureaucracy. A few laughs, but as usual it takes a surprising turn at the end.