Saul 4.04

Better Call Saul 4.04 – Talk

The Cousins (above) kill all the Espinosas, retrieve the “stolen” drugs and return to Mexico. Nacho realizes that by eliminating the Espinosas, Gus secured himself more territory. These guys look indestructible, killing a whole gang. They have yet to meet Hank Schrader !

Jimmy is quickly bored with work at a cellular phone store and tries to drum up business. He later meets with Ira, who sold the stolen Hummel for more than expected, and offers to carry out future thefts.

Bored herself with concentrating on Mesa Verde, Kim observes Judge Munsinger’s courtroom, hoping to rekindle her interest in the law by taking on pro bono defense counsel work.

Ethan Phillips as Judge Benedict Munsinger

(Ethan Phillips, previously played Neelix on Star Trek: Voyager).

Mike inspects another Madrigal site and provides a list of quality control and safety items to fix.

He meets with Gus, who feigns anger that Mike didn’t tell him about Nacho’s intent to kill Hector, but Mike points out he had promised only not to kill Hector himself.