Good Place 3.03

The Good Place 3.04 – The Snowplow

Michael and Janet, now stuck on Earth, are determined to keep the group together as they progress in the study, like having Eleanor find a lottery ticket with a winning $18000 than finding a job in Australia. Tahani goes on a blind date to keep her from dating Jason. It feels like the group is splitting apart.

Halfway through this episode, it feels like a runaway go-cart flying down a hill to an uncertain ending. Then, just at the end it does a hand-brake turn and everyone falls out. Now the Jesters (Michael and Janet) are revealed for what they are…
What happens next ?


Saul 3.03

Better Call Saul 3.03 – Sunk Costs
Gus and Mike come to agreement. Gus will stop tracking Mike and Mike will not kill Hector. Upon quick deliberation, however, Mike agrees to once again try to attract police attention to Hector.

Jimmy can avoid jail time, but will have to confess to his felony break-in and submit his confession to the New Mexico Bar Association, which will likely result in disbarment.



Butt Head

A Butt of Heads
(Robot vs Dragons Book 2)
by Simon Haynes (2018)

The author is really getting into the swing, slash and slaughter of the fantasy genre with this novel. It’s better than the first and moves everyone (and the plot) along at a good speed.

The only issue I had was that with the multiple plot-lines, sometimes I wanted to stay with a character and not switch to another.

Can’t wait for the third in the series.


Saul 3.01

Better Call Saul 3.01 – Mabel

Ernesto (Chuck’s assistant) hears Jimmy’s confession, will he blab to Jimmy ?

Determined to discover how someone knew his location and prevented him from killing Hector, Mike dismantles his car without success, then finds a tracking device in his gas cap.

He obtains a similar one, replaces the tracker from his car with the new one, drains the battery of the one he took from his car, and stays up overnight. Someone replaces Mike’s gas cap, thinking he’s picked up the tracker with the dead battery. He’s actually carrying the tracker Mike installed, which enables Mike to find out where the person who switches tracking devices takes the ones he removes.

The tracker is a prop, the closest actual GPS Tracker  appears to be :

Saul 2.10

Better Call Saul 2.10 – Klick


Jimmy rushes into the copy store and orders the clerk to call an ambulance, potentially undermining his proclaimed innocence in the address tampering scheme.

Mike purchases a sniper rifle and ammunition, intending to kill Hector Salamanca. But someone is following hi,

Jimmy confesses to tampering with the documents and bribing the copy store clerk, assuring Chuck that Chuck’s mind is not deteriorating. After Jimmy leaves, Chuck unveils a tape recorder he had hidden and activated prior to Jimmy’s arrival. Looks like Chuck is just like Jimmy.

Saul 2.09

Better Call Saul 2.09 “Nailed”

Mike ambushes one of Hector’s trucks, and extracts $250,000 hidden in one of the tires. He wanted to attract police attention to Hector with the heist, but Nacho advises Mike that a “good Samaritan” chanced upon the bound driver before police and freed him.

Jimmy’s plan works, at what should be a routine meeting between the New Mexico Banking Board, Mesa Verde Bank and Chuck and Howard, it is revealed that the addresses in the documents submitted do not match those initially filed.

Chuck confronts Jimmy, guessing what he did but Kim backs up Jimmy (although she suspects what he did).

Jimmy returns to the copy store. Then  Chuck arrives to interrogate the clerk, but faints and hits his head on the counter.

Has Jimmy done in his brother ??


Good Place 3.02

The Good Place 2.02 “The Brainy Bunch”
Demon Trevor interferes with the humans.

But Michael and Janet come to earth trying to interfere and put things bank on track. Everything ends in a mess when the Judge steps in and banished the Demon, but Michael and Janet escape back to earth.

The best thins is Michael’s attempt at very old jokes and hit Noir Detective costume.



Saul 2.08

Better Call Saul 2.08 “Fifi”

An episode in which surprisingly little happens. Kim gets, then looses a major client and Jimmy seems to be sabotaging the account Chuck has take,.

Jimmy uses two of his clients, along with a registered sex offender, to perpetrate a ruse at a U.S. Air Force base in order to gain access to the B-29 Fifi for video footage to be used in a TV ad for his elder care legal business.


Saul 2.07

Better Call Saul 2.07

Jimmy helps represent Mike when he claims to the DA that the gun in his recent altercation with Tuco gun did not belong to Tuco.

Jimmy gets fired (deliberately) and Kim decides that instead of taking a job offering with another company, leaves.

Jimmy approaches Kim and attempts to convince her to become a partner in their own law firm. But Kim reciprocates with a counter-offer – separate solo firms.

So starts the legal firm of Wexler McGill.