Saul 2.02

Better Call Saul 2.02 “Cobbler”

Mike encounters Pryce when he arrives at the police station for a police interview to recover his stolen baseball cards. Mike warns Pryce that the police must suspect that he’s a drug dealer and offers to find the cards himself, to keep Pryce from talking to the police.

Chuck decides to pay a visit to the HHM office, where he sits in on a firm meeting between HHM and DM, and unnerves Jimmy. Jimmy then receives a call from Mike requesting he remove police suspicion from Pryce, which Jimmy achieves by telling the police the secret compartment in Pryce’s living room was used to hold fetish videos of Pryce sitting on pies and crying.

The police scene is one of the best examples of Jimmy just making things up and bull-shitting.  He is brilliant at it. Unfortunately his ego and telling Kim will surely get him into trouble.