Headline Love

Headline Love
(Abigail Love #2)
by David Blake (2017)

After a successful working partnership and a blossoming carnal relationship, Abigail Love and her boyfriend, Will, have moved up to London together to join their YouTube news channel, Prime Time Today. But all is quiet, and with nothing much to report on, Abigail’s job is soon under threat, along with her relationship. Fortunately for her, McDongle makes a timely appearance.

This starts as the first book ended. The psychotic killer from the first returns. In fact he is most of the story and the main protagonist. He engineers a series of mad and wild ways of knocking off people for money It’s him that drives the story forward and provides the humour. Just as good as the first, and hopefully not the last.


Saul 1.02

Better Call Saul 1.02 – Mijo

Tuco drags Jimmy at gunpoint into his house. Jimmy explains that the twins were part of his scam operation, but they picked the wrong car.

Here we see where Saul’s skills play out. He is able to persuade Tuco to ‘just’ break legs, not kill people who annoy him. During the episode he gets an overture to gain lots of money easily, but by crossing over to the other side.

Will he ?
It seems inevitable.