by R.A. Salvatore 


The long struggle is over at last. The demon Dactyl is no more, its dark sorceries shattered by the gemstone magic wielded by the woman known as Pony. But victory did not come easily. Many lives were lost, including Pony’s lover, the elf-trained ranger Elbryan Wynden.

In a recent interview on the Sword & Laser podcast, Bob Salvatore said that when he submitted this book to his publishers he got no requests for edits.

This is surprising, as it’s a long and involved story. It joins two  trilogies and cannot be read without reading the first. Very complex church and state battles are at the heart of the book. So it doesn’t have as many battles. It does have a deadly disease and you just know that somehow Pony  will fix everything by the end.

Not that fulfilling, but an intriguing precursor to the next trilogy.